Dr. Julie is an advocate for the gynecological health of womxn and girls.


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Julie Catherine-Elise Hakim, BSc, MSc, MD FRCS(C), FACOG

Dr. Julie Hakim is a OB/GYN with a subspecialty in pediatric gynecology, a health professional, innovator, educator, and passionate advocate for the gynecological health of women and girls.

My mission is to educate and empower all girls, especially in communities of color, to shape a more empowered narrative around the topic of their bodies and their reproductive health. The sooner a young woman embraces her intrinsic power to deeply understand her health and well-being, the sooner she begins a life long journey to loving and caring for herself inside and out.

Moving the needle forward for women in health science.

See how Dr. Julie Hakim is advancing women’s healthcare on a global-scale.

Women-Led Labs

Dr. Julie Hakim is the first and only Pediatric GYN in North America to also run a basic science lab. Her lab is run with an all-female staff conducting ground-breaking work in the field of vaginal health – an underserved field in the healthcare space.

Co-Founder of FemTech Focus

There is an overwhelming disparity when it comes to female representation in the healthcare and technology sectors. FemTech Focus is here to advance women’s healthcare by empowering the Femtech industry through awareness, leadership, resources, and opportunities.

Empowerment Through Education

Changing the way women feel about their bodies, one conversation at a time. Dr. Julie Hakim takes the silence and shame out of girl’s and women’s reproductive health, and brings education and empathy to the table to re-shape the narrative around sexual health.

Work With Me

Create the gateway for the bigger conversation.

Dr. Julie Hakim is on a mission to demystify the all too important conversations around reproductive health, and empower young girls and women alike to be their own health advocates.

My Areas of Expertise Includes:

  • Latina Women and Reproductive Health
  • Discussing Menstruation with Your Daughter
  • How Lifestyle Choices Affect Reproductive Health
  • Latina Women and Reproductive Health
  • Your Body and Hormones
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My guiding philosophy is to feel passion for what I’m doing, be impeccable with my values and word, do my best every day and in every interaction, do good every day.