Expert Gynecology Consultations: Personalized Care for Every Woman

Gynecology Consultations: Comprehensive Care for Women's Health

Authentic. Heartfelt. Compassionate. Inspirational.

A board-certified OB/GYN with a subspecialty in pediatric gynecology, Co-Founder of FemTech Focus, and the inventor of a vaginal stent that will revolutionize women’s care – Dr. Hakim knows more than most the challenges and stigmas that women face in the field of healthcare.

Adolescents and teens of color in particular are often too ashamed to ask basic questions about their bodies and grow up to become women that remain just as disempowered, and uninformed. They then pass this lack of understanding onto their daughters in a never-ending cycle of silence.

Dr. Hakim wants to break that silence with her gift of creating space for these overdue conversations to happen, with honesty and dignity. She is the ultimate encourager for young girls and an impassioned educator and advocate for the reproductive health of Latina women.

As a woman doing groundbreaking work in the Femtech space she also knows the unique challenges that come with being the first, or one of the few women innovators in the world of healthcare. Through her experience of raising nearly $2M for her vaginal stent with the help of her all-female run lab, her story will inspire the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and startups in the Femtech space.

Speaking Topics in Gynecology

  • Gynecological basics That Your Daughter Needs to Know
  • Discussing Menstruation with Your Daughter
  • MY mood and my period.
  • Your period and your overall health.
  • Should I put my tween/teen daughter on hormones?
  • How Lifestyle Choices Affect Reproductive Health
  • Latina Women and Reproductive Health
  • Your Body and Hormones
  • Obesity Medicine

Speaking Topics in Femtech

  • Raising Capital
  • Your Invention
  • Do Your Research on Research
  • Programs
    Pitching for Profit
  • How to Sell Your Vision
  • What to Know About FDA Approval
  • Yout Got This – Success in the Femtech Space
"Dr. Hakim passion for both her clinical and nonprofit work is incredibly inspiring, and she was great to work with! All of us at ScienceHolic thoroughly enjoyed our webinar with Dr. Hakim and learned a lot of valuable advice from her!"
Scarlett Chu
Communications Director, ScienceHolic

Talks Topics

When periods disappear: what’s happening to our daughter’s bodies?

Our daughters are losing their periods before they’ve graduated from high school. In this presentation, Dr. Hakim shares case studies from her pediatric gynecology practice, and information from SomosGYN, her initiative to educate and empower Latina tweens and teens on caring for their reproductive health. This population is facing an alarming trend of disappearing menstruation cycles – a condition that can have long term effects as girls age. Walk away from this presentation with a deeper understanding of:

  • What age our daughters are beginning to menstruate
  • Why Latinas are faced with this problem more than other races
  • The correlation between diet and disappearing periods
  • How we can champion the reproductive health of our daughters in three ways

What are you doing with your life? The question that changed my life.

A riveting presentation by Dr. Hakim that will leave you reflecting on your purpose – your mindset, and what your hormones have to do with it. In this candid talk, Dr. Hakim shares her personal experience of taking 6 months to answer the question: what are you doing with your life? It took her 6 months to answer that question, and the answer ultimately changed the course of her career. Walk away from this presentation with a deeper understanding of:

  • Getting out of your own way and finding hope
  • How to find the answer that feels the most aligned with who you truly are
  • Get to know your hormones at different stages of your life, and how to be aware of them when you’re making big decisions

FemTech: Adjusting the focus of the healthcare industry

For decades health care for women has been considered a niche industry, and that’s why Dr. Julie Hakim co-founded FemTech Focus – a Houston based non-profit on a mission to increase the awareness of this need for women’s healthcare solutions to the tech world. This informative presentation with Dr. Hakim will leave you with a deeper understanding of:

  • The reality of healthcare for women.
  • Femtech industry + market current standings
  • Opportunities for companies interested in getting into Femtech